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Career in Entertainment and Performing Arts

21.  Pioneered early-stage promotions for Hong Kong's popular boy band group 'C AllStar' from 2011 to 2017
22.  Directed online movies, served as a song lyricist, and acted as a spokesperson for over 20 brands since 2006 
23.  Serving as CEO and Chief Academic Director of the Beijing Film Academy (Shenzhen) International College of Performing Arts since 2018
24.  Held the role of Chief Development Officer (Greater China) at FashionTV (FTV) China from 2017 to 2019.
25.  Appointed as an Investment Agent of Wardour Hollywood Pictures Studio in 2017
26.  Served as CEO of Guangzhou Bypaxx Media Group from 2016 to 2019
27.  Served as Vice Director (Education and Entertainment Channels) at Shenzhen Universe TV from 2016 to 2017
28.  Worked as an Entertainment Director at RBW Entertainment Academy training project in Korea in 2018
29.  Served as Vice Chairman of Miss Asia Pageant in 2017
30.  Held the position of Chairman of the International eSports Alliance from 2017 to 2019

31.  Served as the Project Director of Pini Golf Vietnam-Japan Group (Saigon) in 2019
32.  Served as Vice President of Debut Media Group Vietnam in 2020
33.  Lead singer and rapper of S-Bumps Pop Group since 2021
34.  Served as the CEO of Mind Space Edutainment Complex in Vietnam in 2022
35.  Serving as Business and Treatment Consultant of Health Lab since 2023
36.  Served as a Judge of world’s largest fitness and bodybuilding contest Musclemania Vietnam in 2019 and 2023
37.  Serving as Chief Operating Officer of Sanmuk Entertainment Group from 2024

Early-stage promotion pioneer of Hong Kong most popular boy band group (2011-2017) ‘C AllStar’

«Until You Say Yes» was the first micro-film work of "Celestial Creation" (previous name of "Karsonics"). The four episodes in the form of 70-minute online mini movies with online voting at the end of the third episode was used to determine the ending of the fourth episode, so that the audience could truly join in and truly have a role in the interactive function of online movies.

In view of the young generation of Hong Kong confused about the future, and losing the fighting spirit like  "old Hong Kong" generations, in order to light up again the true "fire" that Hong Kong traditionally deserved, the aim of story is to motivate young people should work harder and set their life goals.

Dr. Karson Oten  is the director, scriptwriter, actor, planner and producer in the movie.